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Breast Reduction Surgeon

Can Breast Grow Back After Reduction?

One of the many questions that patients ask our breast reduction surgeon here at Cold Spring Surgery is if the breast will grow back after surgery. The simple answer is, “no.” The reason for this is that the breast tissue will no longer regrow or regenerate if you undergo this procedure as an adult. However, […]

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  • Posted on: Oct 25 2022

Breast Reduction in New York

Are the Scars from Breast Reduction Permanent?

Why would anyone want to reduce their breast size? After all, many women are paying hundreds to thousands of dollars just to undergo breast augmentation to improve their overall appearance. But it’s important to know that having large breasts is more than just an aesthetic issue. Bigger breasts can cause discomfort. Hence, the need to […]

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  • Posted on: Oct 20 2022

Breast Reduction Surgery

Are the Stitches in Breast Reduction Surgery Dissolvable?

Breast reduction surgery may be a necessary procedure for many men and women. This is especially recommended if you have larger breasts. What’s wrong with having a larger breast size? They can cause discomfort. But after the surgery, the discomfort will be gone. Your self-image may also improve. However, before you experience complete healing, you […]

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  • Posted on: Oct 17 2022

Cellulite Treatment New York

What is the Most Common Way to Treat Cellulite? 

Cellulite has several names. Some people consider it cottage cheese while others describe it to have an orange peel appearance. No matter how you view it, cellulite can affect your overall appearance. In this fat-phobic culture, it is no wonder that people with cellulite would want to know how to remove it. But what is […]

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  • Posted on: Oct 12 2022


What Kind of Procedure is Brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty is a cosmetic surgery that aims to reshape the back of your upper arm. Also known as an arm lift, this procedure will remove extra tissue and skin. As a result, you get a smoother upper arms look.  Why Would You Want to Undergo Brachioplasty?  When you gain weight, your skin slowly stretches. Since […]

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  • Posted on: Oct 8 2022

Breast Reconstruction New York City

Can You Undergo Breast Reconstruction After Radiation?

Breast cancer patients who received radiation therapy after mastectomy are not advised to undergo breast reconstruction in New York City. The reason for this is that they will experience more problems related to the implants. However, even though the risks are high, breast reconstruction involving breast implants after radiation is still successful in most cases.  […]

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  • Posted on: Oct 5 2022