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Injectable Cellulite Treatment

How Does Injectable Cellulite Treatment Affect Cellulite?

It used to be impossible to get rid of cellulite. However, the FDA just approved an injectable cellulite treatment called QWO. For decades, cellulite was considered untreatable. Most people have it on their buttocks and thighs. But they can’t get rid of it no matter how many drugstore creams they used.  The Only Injectable Cellulite […]

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  • Posted on: Dec 20 2022

Plastic Surgeon NYC

How Long Does Breast Lift Take If It Includes Augmentation? 

A plastic surgeon in NYC can perform a breast lift and augmentation in one procedure. It can be safely done. But the main question is how long will it take for two procedures to complete? Will it take more than two hours? Let’s find out here.  Plastic Surgeon in NYC on the Time It Takes […]

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  • Posted on: Dec 17 2022

Mommy Makeover on Long Island

What to do After Mommy Makeover on Long Island? 

Mommy makeover on Long Island is a popular procedure. It also offers many benefits. You will have beaming self-confidence and you can use a new wardrobe. It will be an exciting change to look forward to. However, if you can enjoy your new figure, there are still stages that you need to complete.  What is […]

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  • Posted on: Dec 12 2022

Long Island Plastic Surgery Group

What is the Practical Age to Seek Long Island Plastic Surgery Group?

The most common age group seeking plastic surgery procedures is in the age range of 35 to 50. The Long Island plastic surgery group performed a great number of cosmetic surgeries each year. The number of surgeries performed in the US has increased since 1997.  What are the Top Surgical Procedures Provided by Long Island […]

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  • Posted on: Dec 8 2022

Plastic Surgeon on Long Island

How Big Can Your Butt Get After Undergoing Brazilian Butt Lift?

One of the popular procedures that our plastic surgeon on Long Island performs is the Brazilian butt lift. In recent years, this procedure has exploded in popularity. This is the result of people realizing that having a curvy, full butt is attractive. This surgery doesn’t only trim the waist but also accentuates the backside.  What […]

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  • Posted on: Dec 7 2022

Hand Tendon Repair in New York

Why is Hand Tendon Repair Necessary?

Hand tendon repair in New York is a kind of surgery that fixes damaged tendons. The most common causes of tendon damage are cuts to the hands from knives or glass. Do you need this type of surgery? Let’s find out here.  Why Do You Need Hand Tendon Repair in New York?  If one or […]

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  • Posted on: Dec 5 2022