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Breast Augmentation New York

Breast Enlargement vs Breast Augmentation: What’s the Difference? 

Most women who wish to undergo breast augmentation in New York want to improve their looks as it can also boost their self-esteem. Others choose this procedure because they want to return to their pre-pregnancy figure. If you’re one of those women, you must understand the terms used by many cosmetic surgeons. For instance, some […]

Buttocks Lift

How Long Do Bum Lifts Last?

Thanks to celebrities around the world, many men and women see a big booty to be attractive. The number of people undergoing a buttocks lift is increasing year after year. It is no wonder considering its appeal. It can even balance your body’s proportions. But how long will the result last?  Can Buttocks Lift Results […]

Breast Reduction Cost Long Island

What is the Cost of Breast Reduction in Males?

Breast reduction is typically done in women. However, it is not exclusive to women because male breast reduction is also possible. Also known as gynecomastia, male breast reduction is the removal of excess breast tissue in men. Having excess breast tissue can happen while you’re still a teenager or after the age of 50 when […]

Cellulite Treatment New York

What is the Most Common Way to Treat Cellulite? 

Cellulite has several names. Some people consider it cottage cheese while others describe it to have an orange peel appearance. No matter how you view it, cellulite can affect your overall appearance. In this fat-phobic culture, it is no wonder that people with cellulite would want to know how to remove it. But what is […]


What Kind of Procedure is Brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty is a cosmetic surgery that aims to reshape the back of your upper arm. Also known as an arm lift, this procedure will remove extra tissue and skin. As a result, you get a smoother upper arms look.  Why Would You Want to Undergo Brachioplasty?  When you gain weight, your skin slowly stretches. Since […]

Breast Reconstruction New York City

Can You Undergo Breast Reconstruction After Radiation?

Breast cancer patients who received radiation therapy after mastectomy are not advised to undergo breast reconstruction in New York City. The reason for this is that they will experience more problems related to the implants. However, even though the risks are high, breast reconstruction involving breast implants after radiation is still successful in most cases.  […]

Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery

Why Would Someone Get Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic procedures are increasing in popularity over the last few years. Among those procedures, vaginal cosmetic surgery is growing in popularity. Why would women undergo this procedure? Here are some reasons.  What are the Reasons Women Get Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery?  The most obvious reason is to tighten the muscles and soft tissue of a woman’s […]

Plastic Surgery Long Island

What Hand Injuries Require Surgery? 

Hand injuries can be mildly irritating. However, some injuries require plastic surgery on Long Island. Whether your condition is mild or severe, the injury inhibits your ability to live your life fully. Reconstructive hand surgeons at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery can restore your hands so you can return to the life you enjoyed before your […]

Vagina Plastic Surgery

Can You Get Plastic Surgery on Private Parts?

Vagina plastic surgery involves reshaping your private part to change its size and shape. It is not a gender reassignment surgery. This procedure is not advisable for women under the age of 18.  What to Consider Before Having a Vagina Plastic Surgery?  This procedure can cause complications. Hence, you must choose the right surgeon to […]

Tummy Tuck Long Island

Is Tummy Tuck Painful? 

Tummy tuck on Long Island is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures done at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery. Also known as abdominoplasty, this cosmetic surgery improves the shape and looks of your abdomen. It sculpts and reshapes the area by removing excess skin and fat.  Is Tummy Tuck on Long Island a Painful Procedure?  […]