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Over the years, your buttocks can begin to sag and lose volume. This is especially true for people who have had significant weight fluctuations, including weight gain or loss, and can also reflect the ongoing effects of gravity and aging. At the same time, the buttocks are an area of the body that can be central to a person’s self-image and body confidence. People who are uncomfortable with the look and feel of their buttocks may refrain from wearing swimsuits, body-conscious clothing or other garments that highlight the area. However, there is a plastic surgery procedure that can help to provide a more youthful, tighter look to the buttocks and help to restore self-confidence and a positive body image.

The Long Island plastic surgeons at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery are experienced in performing buttock lifts, otherwise known as a gluteal lift or brazilian butt lift (BBL). This procedure can be an important part of plastic surgery after weight loss to help refine and contour the appearance of your body. This procedure helps to improve the look, tone and shape of the tissue beneath your skin that supports the buttocks. A buttock lift can involve the removal of excess sagging or loose skin and stubborn fat pockets, as in patients who have experienced massive weight loss. It can also entail fat injections to the buttock area to “lift” the appearance and create a fuller silhouette.

Am I a Good Candidate For a Buttocks Lift?

The buttock lift procedure is designed for healthy adults who do not have additional medical conditions that could be risky during surgery. This procedure works to counteract the effects of aging, weight gain and loss, pregnancy and gravity on the appearance of the buttocks, and it is suitable for mature adults of any age who want to improve the appearance of their butt. This procedure can be beneficial for people with a significant amount of loose skin and sagging, or for those who are deficient in soft tissue in the buttocks area.

When you come in for a buttocks lift consultation with one of the Suffolk County plastic surgeons at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery, your surgeon will discuss the procedure in detail and help to go over your expectations for outcomes. Your surgeon will take photos, and show before-and-after photos to develop a full view of how this procedure could work for you. In addition, you will discuss your own unique goals for your body and the outcomes of this procedure in order to develop an individualized plan for your body.

This procedure is a good choice for people with a realistic view of the outcomes that can be achieved for the procedure. In addition, because the results of a buttocks lift can be impacted by weight fluctuations, it is best to be at a healthy weight for your body when undertaking this procedure. If you are planning on future weight loss, the results of the surgery could be affected; a buttocks lift is a great choice after completing your weight loss goals.

How Is a Buttocks Lift Procedure Performed?

A buttocks lift procedure is individually designed in order to produce a natural, beautiful result that reflects the overall contour of your body. Your surgeon will plan the procedure depending on your unique body habitus and goals. The experienced Huntington plastic surgeons at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery will tailor your surgery in order to create the silhouette you desire.

The procedure will take place under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation, according to the recommendations of your doctor. In total, your surgery will take two to three hours. In many cases when skin needs to be removed and the tissues underneath repositioned, an incision will be made below the waistline. As this procedure is often part of a broader body contouring effort, the incision can be combined with one for a tummy tuck as well. The skin will be pulled up in order to lift the buttocks before removing excess, loose skin and fat. Depending on your needs for fat augmentation, fat injection can also be used as part of the contouring process.

What Is the Recovery Period Like After a Buttocks Lift?

Following your buttocks lift procedure, your surgeon will apply bandages to the incisions; drainage tubes may also be inserted. Immediately following your surgery, you will wear a support garment that helps to protect the results of your procedure. You can expect to wear this garment for up to four weeks. Your surgeon and the medical team at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery will provide you with detailed instructions for your recovery period in order to best support your healing. While you will be able to return to work in a week or two, you will need to take care when moving and avoid strenuous positions or activities in order to protect the outcome of your surgery.

While the results of a buttocks lift is visible right away, the final outcome of your procedure will develop over time and you can expect your view of the results to improve as your recovery proceeds. In the first three to six months after your surgery, you can expect your tissues to settle into their final position. When you are committed to maintaining a healthful lifestyle and ongoing fitness, you can expect the results of your buttocks lift to be long-lasting. While firmness can be lost with age, the improvement will remain.

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