How Long Do Bum Lifts Last?

Buttocks Lift

Thanks to celebrities around the world, many men and women see a big booty to be attractive. The number of people undergoing a buttocks lift is increasing year after year. It is no wonder considering its appeal. It can even balance your body’s proportions. But how long will the result last? 

Can Buttocks Lift Results Last a Lifetime? 

A buttocks lift is a cosmetic procedure that enhances your butt so you can get the figure you have always wanted. It reshapes your butt so you can modify your natural curve. After undergoing this procedure, though, you can’t expect the result to last forever. Typically, the results of the lift will last up to five years or more. 

Weeks after the procedure, you will lose up to 40% of the injected fat. But don’t worry because it is typically normal. After that period, your buttocks will start to grow new fat cells, thereby, increasing the size of the area. Depending on your health, the results will remain for up to 10 years. That is, you should have the same round, perky shape a decade after undergoing his procedure. 

How to Maintain the Result? 

One of the rules to consider after undergoing a butt lift is not to put on weight. And if you need to lose weight, you can’t lose a lot of weight. If you can follow this rule, the pleasing result will last more than 10 years. Hence, it is pertinent that you follow a proper diet to ensure that you get long-term results. 

However, if your skin starts to become looser, you might need to undergo a touch-up. It means that your surgeon will need to add more fat to your bottom as you age. This will keep the shape the same for many years. 

Factors That Affect the Injected Fat 

Once the fat is transferred to your buttocks, how much fat will stay will depend on various factors. These would include volume transferred, behavior during the recovery process, and elasticity of the skin. 

Avoid Smoking 

Although some factors can’t be controlled, there are things you can control that can help improve your results. One is to avoid smoking. If you wish your result to last more than 5 years, you must avoid smoking. Smoking affects oxygen flow. After the fat is transferred to your rear, the cells need to establish a steady supply of blood to survive in the affected area. But if you smoke, the blood supply will be greatly affected. 

Avoid Sitting on Your Butt

You should also avoid sitting on your butt for at least four weeks after getting this procedure. If it is not possible for your case, you must use a certain pillow designed for people who underwent such a procedure. It is a small cushion that reduces pressure on the buttocks. In that way, you can sit on your butt without damaging the treated area.


Buttocks Lift

What’s Next? 

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