Is Mommy Makeover on Long Island The Same as Tummy Tuck?

Mommy Makeover on Long Island

Plastic surgeries can help improve your physical appearance. If you have a bulging stomach after giving birth to twins or five kids, you might want to consider cosmetic surgery. Then, you have come across tummy tuck and mommy makeover on Long Island. Both of these procedures can make a huge difference in your physical appearance. Which one is better? Or are they the same? 

What is Mommy Makeover on Long Island

Mommy makeover requires different procedures that target the stomach, legs, buttocks, and breasts. It also targets your legs and unwanted fat. The goal of this procedure is to assist you in getting your pre-baby body back.  

It is important to note that not all mommies require a mommy makeover. Some of them could easily go back to their pre-baby bodies after doing regular exercise and following a proper diet. However, other mommies are not in the same situation. They are women who experienced sagging breasts, stretched stomachs, and loose skin after delivering their babies. No matter what diet and exercise they follow, they couldn’t seem to go back to their pre-baby bodies. And this is where mommy makeover comes in. 

What is Tummy Tuck? 

It is a procedure that flattens and reshapes your abdomen. This is especially recommended if you had children or experienced massive weight loss. It removes the excess skin in your tummy area so you will look and feel your best again. 

Which One is Better? 

It depends on your situation. The only person who can identify a better solution is your cosmetic surgeon. That’s why it is important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to properly assess your body and find out what procedure you need. One of the main differences between the two is that tummy tuck involves one procedure while mommy makeover requires multiple ones. 

Furthermore, if your primary concern is your abdominal area, the better option can be a tummy tuck. It removes sagging skin and stubborn fat. Mommy makeover, on the other hand, is a comprehensive solution that reshapes your body after finishing having kids. 

What are the Procedures Included in Mommy Makeover? 

As mentioned, several methods are needed. One of them is breast augmentation. It involves implants to give your breast a fuller appearance. You may also choose other procedures as part of the makeover. For instance, if you want to reduce your breast size, you may undergo breast reduction. 

A tummy tuck may also be part of a mommy makeover. It restores your pre-pregnancy look but it only targets the abdominal area. You may also need liposuction if there are stubborn fat deposits that you wish to get rid of in your hips, thighs, and abdomens. 

Mommy Makeover on Long Island

When to See a Plastic Surgeon? 

There is no best time to see a plastic surgeon. If you believe that you can benefit from a makeover to enhance your appearance, you may contact our plastic surgeons here at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery. Talk to our doctors to know more about mommy makeover: (631) 470-9650

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