After Weight Loss Surgery or Post Bariatric Surgery

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After Weight Loss Surgery or Post Bariatric Surgery

If you have recently committed to living a more healthful life through weight loss with bariatric surgery or non-surgical weight loss methods, you have much to be proud of and celebrate! Not only will your health be dramatically improved, but the enhancement of your physical appearance must not be overlooked either. Sometimes, extra folds of skin or pockets of fat can remain after a dramatic weight loss, and can cause one to continue to feel a lack of confidence in their new body despite all these changes for the good. Cold Spring Plastic Surgery’s experienced Long Island plastic surgeons can work with those who have recently completed bariatric surgery or other significant weight loss, with procedures that safely and effectively remove excess skin or stubborn pockets of fat, giving you back your confidence and ability to enjoy the new body you have worked so hard to attain.

What Can Post Weight Loss Surgery Do For Me?

Significant weight loss is a major achievement, and you deserve to feel fully confident wearing your choice of clothing and and participate in activities that highlights this accomplishment. Our Huntington plastic surgeons have extensive experience in body contouring and other procedures that can help you to show off a fit, toned physique that reflects everything you’ve worked so hard for.

Call our office today to schedule a free consultation with one of our Suffolk County plastic surgeons, who can address your concerns or questions and develop a treatment plan for your post-weight loss or post-bariatric surgery procedures. Skin removal surgery is an important part of your weight loss journey; there are several different types of procedures we can tailor to each part of your body to achieve a silhouette that is not possible with weight loss alone. We will develop a personalized plan that meets your needs, to get you where you want to be. At Cold Spring Plastic Surgery, all of our staff are committed to working with you to help you make the most of your post-weight loss aesthetics and have the highest level of confidence in your appearance and body.

Which Skin Removal and Body Contouring Procedures Can Help Me?

There are a number of plastic surgery procedures and treatments that can help to define the contours of your post-weight loss body. These include body lift, body contouring and others that can be performed independently or together with one another for full-body enhancement. Procedures will be recommended by our Long Island plastic surgeons to meet your specific, individualized needs and goals for your appearance.

Some procedures that our plastic surgeons specialize in are the following:

Upper Body Lift

This procedure includes a combination of small lifting treatments like a breast lift or arm lift, performed together to tighten skin throughout the upper body, focusing on the arms, breasts and back. Loose, excess skin folds and small fat pockets are removed in the area, allowing the slender appearance of your body to show through for a toned, supple appearance. Our Suffolk County plastic surgeons are experts in minimizing scarring and performing personalized procedures that highlight your unique body and appearance.

Lower Body Lift

The torso lift or lower body lift removes excess fat pockets and loose skin from the midsection or torso, including the abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs. This eliminates skin folds that remain after significant weight loss and can enhance your confidence in bikinis and other body-conscious clothing.


The lower stomach is one area that can be significantly affected after substantial weight loss, with persistent folds of loose skin that remain after bariatric surgery or other weight loss. This excess skin below the belt is called the panniculus, and it can not only affect your confidence when naked or in body conscious clothing, but can also lead to health concerns like rashes, skin ulcers or back pain. A panniculectomy specifically targets the panniculus, removing excess skin and fat pockets through one long incision from hip to hip.

There are a number of procedures that can be performed individually or combined in order to address your post-weight loss concerns. Some of these procedures include the following:
  • Breast lift, breast augmentation or breast reduction
  • Arm lift, addressing loose skin in the upper arms
  • Thigh lift, addressing loose skin and fat pockets in the upper leg
  • Liposuction, removing fat deposits from the chin, arms, or thighs
  • Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, sculpting the waistline and enhancing the abdomen
  • Facial and chin enhancement procedures, refreshing and restoring your vital, youthful appearance

Where Can I Receive After Weight Loss Surgery Procedures?

At Cold Spring Plastic Surgery, our Long Island plastic surgeons have hospital privileges at multiple local area hospitals for both inpatient and same day or outpatient procedures. You can feel confident that you are receiving the highest level of medical care and treatment to help you complete and enhance your weight loss journey.

Our patient care coordinator can work with you to discuss insurance requests, financing, and the location for your procedure. She will develop a plan that works for you, meets your needs and helps you truly accomplish all of your goals for your body.

Am I a Good Candidate for Post-Bariatric Surgery Procedures?

After weight loss and post-bariatric surgery procedures can achieve the highest levels of success when your weight loss has already been stable for several months and you have achieved your weight loss goals. Because subsequent weight changes and fluctuations will affect your results, these procedures are best performed when you have reached your stable goal weight. Maintaining your balanced diet, fitness plan and avoiding tobacco smoking can all help you to maintain your post-weight loss surgery and fitness goals. Our Suffolk County plastic surgeons and support staff can work with you to develop a treatment plan that allows you to maximize the effects of these procedures on your body and enhance your self-confidence.

What is Recovery Like After Post-Bariatric Surgery Treatments?

These body contouring procedures involve combination treatments and multiple incisions; you may recover in a hospital overnight following your procedures. It is good to have a plan for someone to bring you home and help around the house right after your surgery. Immediately following your procedures, you will wear compression garments that minimize swelling and enhance the new contours of your body. In one to two weeks following your surgery, you can return to work and resume normal daily activities; in three to six weeks, you can resume more physically active tasks such as exercise. Our Huntington plastic surgeons and our patient care coordinator will work with you on a detailed recovery plan that is individually tuned to your specific procedures and circumstances. Immediately after surgery you will be able to notice dramatic improvements in your overall shape and contour, but the final result may take several weeks to months once scars mature and all swelling comes down.

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