What are the Benefits of Breast and Body Contouring?

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Body and Breast Contouring

If you have achieved a significant weight loss, you’ve already done a great deal to take charge of your health and reshape your body. You may feel so much pride and accomplishment after you have achieved your weight loss goals. However, you may also face some stubborn challenges that are seemingly impossible to overcome by relying on diet, exercise or weight-loss surgery alone.

After major weight loss, you may still deal with extra skin, sagging areas or stubborn fat pockets that can make it difficult for you to fully enjoy and appreciate the changes you have made. Body contouring procedures, including breast procedures, can do a great deal to remove excess skin and enhance the physical and emotional effects of your weight loss journey. 

Benefits of Body and Breast Contouring

Some of the benefits include the following:

  • Remove Excess Skin

Excess skin can be an ongoing concern after weight loss. Despite reaching their goals, many people are still uncomfortable wearing the clothes they want to wear because of the persistence of excess skin. They may also feel like they still look overweight due to the presence of this extra skin. Body contouring can remove this skin and address multiple areas of your body at the same time. For example, a lower body lift could address excess skin in the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen.

  • Comfort While Exercising

The appearance of excess skin is often not the only concern that people have after weight loss. Your body and muscles are firmer, but excess skin can continue to rub or chafe uncomfortably, especially while going through your exercise routine. Even walking long distances can feel uncomfortable due to folds of excess skin. A body contouring procedure like an arm lift, thigh lift or tummy tuck can make your experience moving smoother and more comfortable on a daily basis.

  • Enhance Your Confidence

Despite the major achievement associated with weight loss, people may feel uncomfortable wearing the clothes they always dreamed of. People with excess abdominal skin may not want to wear a bikini or go shirtless at the beach. Others may steer clear of tighter pants or skirts, and people who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their breasts after weight loss may stay covered up on top. Body contouring procedures can boost your confidence and pride in your body. After you’ve worked so hard to achieve your weight loss goals, these plastic surgery procedures can help you show off your accomplishment.

  • Achieve Your Aesthetic Goals

Both health and aesthetics often motivate people to lose weight. There are also positive things about your old body that you may even miss in some ways after a major weight loss. Many women, for example, may lose volume in their breasts along with significant weight loss, while others may feel that their buttocks appear to sag due to excess skin at a lower weight. Breast procedures, including a breast lift or breast augmentation, or a buttocks lift or lower body lift, can work alongside your weight loss to help you achieve the look and feel you want for your body.

  • Address Stubborn Areas

Stubborn fat in certain parts of the body may be difficult to eliminate through diet and exercise. People may struggle with the appearance of fat on the thighs, buttocks or upper arms, for example. Excess skin may cover new tautness in the abdominal area. Body contouring procedures like a tummy tuck or arm lift may be augmented with liposuction to address these stubborn areas and improve the contour of the targeted area.

Body contouring plastic surgery procedures can help you achieve permanent results that complete your weight loss journey and achieve your desires for your appearance. At Cold Spring Plastic Surgery, our experienced Long Island plastic surgery can work with you to accomplish your goals. Call our office or use our simple online form to make an appointment for a consultation at our Suffolk County office to discuss body contouring procedures designed for you.

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