Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Large breasts can often be accompanied by discomfort and physical irritation as a part of daily life, including rubbing and chafing below the breasts, pain when playing sports and exercising or dealing with ongoing back and shoulder pain as a result of the strain. Some women with large breasts have consistently wanted a breast reduction, while for others, changes in the look and feel of the breasts over time can lead to further discomfort. For example, weight gain or pregnancy can cause a woman’s breasts to become larger or heavier. With a breast reduction procedure, a woman can restore her desired appearance and silhouette on an aesthetic level while reducing the physical symptoms caused by large breasts.


Breast reduction is a popular plastic surgery procedure that works by removing tissue and fat from the breasts. It produces smaller, lighter breasts with a reduced size and appearance. At Cold Springs Plastic Surgery, our surgeons are highly experienced in performing breast reductions that result in greater comfort and a natural, attractive, balanced appearance. Breast reduction surgery can help women to increase their pride and self-confidence, explore a range of clothing choices that seemed impossible before and enhance their feelings of freedom.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction procedure can be a great choice for adult women who want the look smaller, lighter breasts, want to address health concerns or pain or want to even out an unbalanced appearance. Every breast reduction surgery performed by our Long Island plastic surgeons is fully personalized and unique to meet each patient’s individual needs and desires. The procedure is designed to produce an outcome that is well-suited to your individual body type. Your surgeon can also work with you to address your aesthetic desires for projection and lift as well.


Breast reduction is also an excellent choice for healthy women who are satisfied with their weight and are not planning on future weight loss or gain. Significant weight loss can change the size and shape of the breasts, so if you are planning a weight loss journey, a breast reduction surgery is best scheduled after weight loss. In addition, many women schedule a breast reduction after pregnancy and breastfeeding in order to ensure that they can breastfeed their child successfully and achieve the complete look they desire.

What Can I Learn in a Breast Reduction Consultation?

When you first come to Cold Springs Plastic Surgery, you will have a consultation with one of our Huntington, Long Island plastic surgeons. Your doctor will work with you to determine the right kind of breast reduction procedure to meet your physical and aesthetic desires and goals. Our surgeons have an excellent history of successful procedures and can review some before-and-after photos with you to help you make the best choices for a beautiful, confidence-building result. Your surgeon will review your medical history and past experiences with surgery in addition to your goals for the procedure.


During the consultation, your Suffolk County plastic surgeon will learn about your goals for the procedure and review the types of surgery that can be used in order to achieve the reults you desire. There are several factors that can affect the choice of procedure for you, including the current size and shape of the breasts and the amount of reduction that you seek to achieve.


Your surgeon will also answer any questions that you may have about the procedure and the outcomes that can be expected; they will review the recovery period and provide detailed instructions on self-care following the surgery.

What Is a Breast Reduction Procedure Like?

A traditional incision breast reduction involves removing skin, tissue and fat from the lower area of the breast as well as moving the nipples to a higher position. This type of surgery aims to retain the attachment of the nipple to the blood vessels and nerves of the breast. For some women, it could be necessary to reposition the nipple completely in order to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome.


A vertical incision breast reduction is performed by making a lollipop-shaped incision that goes around the areaola of the nipple and then down the breast. Through this incision, your surgeon will remove breast tissue, fat and skin. After the reduction procedure, excess skin will be folded over as the incision is closed.


Scarless reduction is another minimally invasive choice that can produce good results, especially for women who are seeking a smaller amount of reduction. Your surgeon will make one small incision placed in the crease of the breast and insert a thin tube to perform liposuction of excess fat and breast tissue. The inconspicuous location of the small incision leads to nearly invisible scarring and beautiful results.


What Is the Recovery Period After Breast Reduction?

The procedure will take around two hours to complete. Following the surgery, you can expect to feel swelling, soreness and bruising. For two days following the procedure, you will wear bandages. Within five days to one week after your surgery, you can expect to return to office work and complete the normal activities of daily life. For one to two weeks after surgery, however, you should limit your physical activity. Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting can be resumed after three to four weeks.


Following the surgery, you can wear a special surgical bra for one week in order to provide maximum support for your recovery. Following that week, you can switch to sports bras and structured, padded bras that provide significant support for your breasts. After approximately 12 weeks following your surgery, you will be able to fully see the final shape and size of your post-surgery breasts.

Schedule a Breast Reduction Consultation

At Cold Springs Plastic Surgery, our experienced Long Island plastic surgeons hold daily free consultations with our patients from across the region, nationally and internationally. Call our office or use our online contact form to get in touch with our office. We look forward to scheduling a consultation with you to discuss how a breast reduction procedure could help you achieve your goals.


We place a high value on our close, personalized relationship with our clients and our commitment to specially tailored procedures and state-of-the-art medical technologies that deliver amazing results.

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