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For many women facing breast cancer, the effects of the disease can be compounded by the impact of breast cancer surgery on one’s appearance. However, breast cancer treatment and surgery do not have to mean losing the look and feel of your breasts or giving up on a balanced, natural appearance. Oncoplastic reduction can be an option for women with breast cancer who will have a lumpectomy to remove the cancerous tumor from one breast.

An oncoplastic reduction procedure can be performed at the same time as a lumpectomy or following the procedure. By performing a breast reduction and potentially a breast lift procedure, your Long Island plastic surgeons at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery can help to create even, natural, beautiful results after lumpectomy that bring both of your breasts into harmony with one another.

Am I a Good Candidate for Oncoplastic Reduction?

Oncoplastic reduction can be an excellent choice for women with breast cancer who will undergo a lumpectomy or who have had breast cancer and have been treated with a lumpectomy. Especially for women who have been unsatisfied with the size, shape and weight of their breasts, oncoplastic reduction can bring both breasts into proportion with one another. Oncoplastic reduction is not a choice for women who require a full mastectomy, but there are other reconstructive services that can be excellent options for those women.

Women who have larger breasts and want smaller, lighter breasts after their mastectomy or lumpectomy are excellent candidates for this procedure. It is important to avoid smoking when preparing for an oncoplastic reduction, as nicotine can interfere with healing after surgery. When you come in for a consultation with the experienced plastic surgeons at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery, you can examine before-and-after photos and your surgeon can use computer imaging and your own photos to help you envision the results of the procedure. An oncoplastic reduction works hand in hand with your lumpectomy and brings an aesthetic aspect to a serious medical procedure. Your surgeon will review your medical history and discuss the options that can best suit your needs. Working hand in hand with you, your surgeon will develop a personalized surgical plan that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals for your post-cancer breasts.

How Is An Oncoplastic Reduction Performed?

An oncoplastic reduction surgery usually takes two to three hours, depending on the size of your breasts and the desired outcomes. It is performed under general anesthesia. The particular pattern of incisions chosen will depend on your breast size and shape as well as the location of the tumor to be removed. A lollipop-shaped incision will generally be made around the areola in order to remove excess breast tissue and skin.

This will allow your surgeon to carefully structure your other breast to match the reduction results after your lumpectomy. An additional incision at the bottom of the breast can help to ensure that your results produce a lifted, lighter look after the procedure.

Following the removal of excess skin and tissue, the skin of the breast will be carefully relaid and the nipple positioned in order to preserve blood flow and sensitivity while producing the appearance you desire. In the breast where the lumpectomy has taken place, your surgeon will fill the area with breast tissue to minimize the effects of surgery, while your surgeon will reduce the size and lift the other breast to produce a symmetrical, natural appearance.

What Is Recovery Like After an Oncoplastic Reduction?

Some women may go home after surgery, while others may spend a night in the hospital. Your plastic surgeon at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery along with your oncologist will advise you of the best plan for your own recovery. After the surgery, you will be able to walk around, feed yourself and bathe; in fact, light walking around is encouraged in order to aid in recovery. After approximately two days after the procedure, you can remove the dressings and shower.

While you can return to office jobs after one week and engage in light exercise with strong support for your breasts, you should refrain from physical labor, arm exercise and heavy lifting for at least three weeks.

You can expect some swelling and bruising to persist for several days after the surgery and improve as time passes. You will generally need to wear a special surgical bra for four to six weeks after your procedure and refrain from strenuous activity throughout that period. Your surgeon will schedule a follow-up visit in order to ensure that your recovery is proceeding as planned.

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