Are the Scars from Breast Reduction Permanent?

Breast Reduction in New York

Why would anyone want to reduce their breast size? After all, many women are paying hundreds to thousands of dollars just to undergo breast augmentation to improve their overall appearance. But it’s important to know that having large breasts is more than just an aesthetic issue. Bigger breasts can cause discomfort. Hence, the need to undergo breast reduction in a cosmetic New York clinic. 

Will Breast Reduction in New York Cause Scarring? Is It Permanent? 

One of the many concerns of women (and men) who wish to undergo this procedure is scarring. It is also the most common question being asked by many patients of Cold Spring Plastic Surgery. 

Because it is a surgical procedure, you can expect a certain degree of scarring after the procedure. But the scars are just nothing compared to the improvement you feel after having a lighter breast size. The scarring will fade with time. During the first year, it will be less noticeable. As the wound continues to heal, the scar reduces to thin, flat lines that can be hidden through a bra or bikini top. 

Is There a Scarless Procedure to Reduce Breast Size? 

If you don’t like to experience scarring after this procedure, you may undergo liposuction. It requires small incisions to insert small cannulas. But this technique is common in breast reduction surgeries for males. This is important to note that a scarless breast reduction is only advisable for patients with minimal breast sagging. To know whether you can undergo a liposuction-based reduction, you may consult with one of our cosmetic surgeons at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery. 

How to Limit Breast Reduction Scars? 

You can’t completely stop any scarring from occurring after this procedure. However, there are ways to minimize their appearance. For instance, you can avoid weight gain while you’re still recovering. Weight gain can lead to scar widening, making it more visible. 

To facilitate healing, make sure to stop smoking. And no, you can’t vape. You should not use any tobacco products as they can interfere with your body’s healing ability. Since stress can affect healing time, make sure to reduce it. There are many stress-reduction techniques that you can use before, during, and after surgery. They are all helpful in boosting your body’s ability to heal. 

Direct sunlight can cause the scars to darken. Thus, you should avoid it while the wound is still healing. And don’t use tanning beds either, as they have UV rays. 

You may worry about scarring but you must not forget that breast reduction can also lead to infection if you don’t follow proper wound care instructions. Thus, make sure to religiously observe the instructions provided by your cosmetic surgeon after the surgery. This will guarantee faster healing while minimizing the appearance of the scar. 

Consult Our Cosmetic Surgeon 

If you still need to know more about breast reduction in New York, please make a consultation with our cosmetic surgeons at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery: (212) 472-2022.

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