Are the Stitches in Breast Reduction Surgery Dissolvable?

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery may be a necessary procedure for many men and women. This is especially recommended if you have larger breasts. What’s wrong with having a larger breast size? They can cause discomfort. But after the surgery, the discomfort will be gone. Your self-image may also improve. However, before you experience complete healing, you might wonder about the stitches after the surgery. Will they dissolve? 

Will the Stitches from Breast Reduction Surgery Dissolve? 

Fortunately, the incisions after the surgery will be closed with the use of dissolvable sutures or stitches. However, there are some cases where cosmetic surgeons will use non-dissolvable sutures.

If your cosmetic surgeon uses dissolvable sutures, it means that the stitches will only dissolve on their own without medical intercession. Thus, you don’t have to go back to your surgeon’s office for them to be taken out. However, if the incisions were closed using non-dissolvable sutures, you will have to go back to your surgeon’s office two weeks after the surgery.

How Long Will It Take for the Dissolvable Sutures to Dissolve? 

It can vary. Typically, they dissolve in a few days. But some will dissolve in a few months. Some factors can determine the time it takes for the stitches to disappear. These would include the following: 

  • Body’s ability to heal 
  • Surgical procedure
  • Material of dissolvable stitches
  • Size of the suture

There are cases where patients see stitches poking out from the skin before they completely dissolve. This must not cause alarm. You don’t have to go to your surgeon’s office to have them checked. Just leave them alone and they’ll just fade. However, if the stitches poke out and the wound opens, then that’s a sign you need to visit your surgeon’s office. If the wound is open, it may lead to infection. Here are some signs that your wound is infected: 

  • The wound is warm to the touch. 
  • There’s redness or swelling in the treated area. 
  • Oozing of pus appears. 
  • You have a fever or pain. 

You should not touch the stitches or remove them using scissors. If you have concerns about your sutures, make sure to call your surgeon’s office or visit your doctor for further evaluation. Your surgeon may trim the loose stitch or remove them using the proper equipment. 

Help Your Body Heal 

The wound from the surgery will heal. It takes time. To facilitate your body’s healing ability, make sure to relax and avoid exercising. You can do your normal daily activities but only perform light housework. Make sure to drink plenty of water and vitamins. Always follow the wound care instructions provided by your surgeon. 

Full recovery may happen after six months. But it still depends on your body. That’s why you must boost your immune system to ensure that your body will heal quickly. Even though it takes time to heal, breast reduction surgery receives the highest patient satisfaction rate compared to other cosmetic procedures. To schedule an appointment with our surgeons, please schedule a consultation with us here:  (631) 470-9650.

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