Can Breast Grow Back After Reduction?

Breast Reduction Surgeon

One of the many questions that patients ask our breast reduction surgeon here at Cold Spring Surgery is if the breast will grow back after surgery. The simple answer is, “no.” The reason for this is that the breast tissue will no longer regrow or regenerate if you undergo this procedure as an adult. However, if you have this surgery in your teenage years, the breast tissue may still grow and regrow. 

Will Breast Reduction Surgeons Perform this Procedure on a Patient Twice? 

Second breast reduction surgery can happen. It is especially true if you have this procedure at a younger age. Or if you’re not happy with the new size, you can have a second breast reduction. 

Gaining weight after the surgery may cause your breast to sag or skin to stretch. Other cases will prompt you to seek a second breast reduction. You may also undergo this procedure along with a breast lift to ensure you get a more youthful figure. The most important thing here is that the second procedure must be done by an experienced surgeon. 

Are You a Good Candidate for Secondary Reduction Mammoplasty? 

You can’t undergo secondary breast reduction right after your first one. Thus, if the first procedure was done over a year ago, you may be a good candidate for a second surgery. But you still have to be evaluated by your surgeon. You need to allow your body to completely heal before you even think about undergoing this procedure. 

There are times when your surgeon won’t recommend it yet. It is especially true if you are planning to have more kids. Keep in mind that pregnancy can cause weight gain. It will only affect your result. You should also reduce your stress. That’s because stress can affect your body’s healing ability. 

Should You Find Another Surgeon for the Second Surgery? 

If you are not happy with your first surgeon who carried out the first procedure, you are always welcome to find a new cosmetic surgeon. It is your right as a patient to look for a doctor whom you are comfortable with and think that he/she can provide you with the best results. 

That’s why it’s important to carry out thorough research to find the perfect surgeon who will help you achieve the breast size that you want. But make sure that you have realistic expectations. You must work with your surgery to ensure that you have the same goals. Keep in mind that your first surgeon’s technique will play a huge role in what is possible during the second procedure. 

See an Expert 

Your second surgery will be more complicated. One reason is that your skin is less elastic than it was during the first procedure. For that reason, make sure to seek expert advice to guarantee you get the best breast reduction outcome. At Cold Spring Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to improving the lives of our patients. Please contact us here if you want to talk to our breast reduction surgeon and get a personalized consultation:  (631) 470-9650.

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