Can You Undergo Breast Reconstruction After Radiation?

Breast Reconstruction New York City

Breast cancer patients who received radiation therapy after mastectomy are not advised to undergo breast reconstruction in New York City. The reason for this is that they will experience more problems related to the implants. However, even though the risks are high, breast reconstruction involving breast implants after radiation is still successful in most cases. 

Breast Reconstruction in New York City for Breast Cancer Patients 

Patients who had a mastectomy after radiation therapy may be advised to wait before they can undergo breast reconstruction. This will help reduce the risks involved in this procedure. Most women would undergo radiation therapy after mastectomy to lower their risk of recurrent breast cancer. Radiation can cause issues with healing. 

When Is the Best Time to Undergo Breast Reconstruction? 

You may have to wait for a few months. However, if the procedure uses your own tissue, breast reconstruction can be safely done after radiation therapy. But in some cases, implants are the preferred option or the only choice. In that case, the best time to undergo this surgery will depend on your body’s ability to heal. 

Immediate Reconstruction 

In some cases, breast reconstruction is performed immediately after mastectomy. That is after the breast is removed, the surgeon can start the reconstruction of the breast using your own tissue or with an implant. This is the easiest because all work is done during one operation. When you wake up, you will see your breast rebuilt. Before this approach is chosen, though, your cosmetic surgeon and your breast cancer surgeon will coordinate. Then again, immediate reconstruction may not always be possible. This is especially true if you have to undergo chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or additional treatments. 

Analysis Must Be Done 

Doctors are not often sure if you will benefit from radiation or additional treatment until the cancer cells are removed. It can take a week for the doctor to analyze. The timing of this procedure is a common topic in reconstruction research. Your team of doctors must meet as a group to talk about your unique situation. The group will meet before deciding between mastectomy because breast surgery can greatly impact your reconstruction outcome. Keep in mind that every breast cancer is unique. Thus, each reconstruction surgery is also unique. Together, you and your doctors will decide on the approach that best suits you. 

Breast Reconstruction New York City

Talk to Your Team of Doctors 

Getting breast reconstruction can be frightening and stressful, especially after undergoing a mastectomy. That’s why it is pertinent to consult with experts so you won’t leave emotionally drained. Our cosmetic surgeons at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery will be more than happy to coordinate with your breast cancer team of physicians. We offer a range of cosmetic procedures that can enhance your natural beauty while restoring your youthful appearance. Call us today to set up an appointment: (631) 470-9650

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