Is Breast Reconstruction Surgery in New York Major Surgery?

Breast Reconstruction Surgery New York

Breast reconstruction surgery in New York typically takes place after partial or total removal of breasts. This surgery is usually a procedure of choice to help the patient gain self-confidence again. Is this a major surgery? 

Can You Consider Breast Reconstruction Surgery in New York Major Surgery? 

Yes, it is major surgery. Because of that, you can expect to spend a few days or a week in the hospital after the procedure. Some patients may need more than one procedure while others only need one. No matter how many surgeries you need, you are left unable to carry out your daily activities for two months. Your cosmetic surgeon will give you in-depth details about how to recover quickly. 

What are the Types of Breast Reconstruction? 

  • Flap reconstruction is one of the types of breast reconstruction surgery. This procedure involves taking tissues from your own body. Your doctor may take the tissue from your abdomen, thigh, back, or bottom. It depends on the doctor’s discretion as to the best area to obtain the tissue from. 
  • Implant reconstruction is another type of breast reconstruction surgery that uses silicone implants. The implants are utilized to recreate breast tissue. Surgeons may need to combine implants and tissue from the other parts of your body. 

Can Your Surgeon Reconstruct the Nipple? 

It depends on the mastectomy you have undergone. Some types may leave the nipple and areola in place. However, if your surgery involves removing them, your cosmetic surgeon can create a new nipple. This is possible through a skin graft. But you may also opt to get a 3D tattoo after nipple reconstruction. 

What Type of Surgery to Get? 

It depends on various situations. Your cosmetic surgeon may determine it through your age, lifestyle, and general health. Your past surgeries may also help in determining the best type of procedure. 

What is the Goal of this Procedure? 

In most cases, this procedure is recommended for patients who underwent surgery to treat or prevent breast cancer. Breast reconstruction is done to reshape breasts. It also rebuilds missing tissue and restores symmetry. In other words, it will make your breasts look the same in size and shape. If you have a congenital abnormality that affects the shape of your breasts, you may want to undergo this procedure. But you need to consult a plastic surgeon to know whether you are a good candidate. 

What to Do Before Breast Reconstruction? 

Your cosmetic surgeon will ask you about your goals. The doctor will carry out a comprehensive exam. In that way, he/she can tell the type of surgery you require. This is also the time to tell your doctor about the medicines you are taking. Some drugs may interfere with the procedure. 

Breast Reconstruction Surgery New York

When to See a Surgeon? 

If you think you can benefit from breast reconstruction surgery in New York, make sure to request a consultation. Call us here at (631) 470-9650.

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