Recovery Tips for Breast Reduction

You may feel as if a weight has been literally removed from your body after breast reduction surgery in Long Island. For some women, large breasts may cause significant discomfort, including back, shoulder, and neck pain. Others may find it difficult to participate fully in athletic activities or even find clothes that fit, and a breast reduction procedure may be a long-held goal for many. However, as with any surgical procedure, care and rest are important to help you recover after breast reduction.

At Cold Spring Plastic Surgery, your Huntington plastic surgeon will provide you with specific and personalized instructions to help you through the recovery period following your breast reduction. Your board-certified surgeon will give you a list of instructions and advice to deal with some of the most common situations as well as a timeline for when you can plan to return to work, exercise, and other aspects of daily life. Here are some general things that you can do to make your recovery more comfortable.

Take Care When Reclining

After a Long Island breast reduction procedure, you may experience some swelling. While the size reduction in your breasts will be noticeable, your full results will be visible six months to a year after the procedure, after all, the swelling has gone down. Swelling is an almost inevitable effect of surgery, but there are a few steps that you can take to care for your recovery while laying down or sitting. Keeping your chest slightly elevated, such as by placing pillows under your back while sleeping, may aid your recovery. When sitting, it can be best to keep the chest upright. It is best to avoid stomach sleeping in the first few weeks after surgery in order to avoid pressure in the area.

Ask For Help When You Need It

The recovery period after breast reduction surgery can be a great time to turn to your friends and family for help. Immediately after your procedure, make sure that you will have a friend, family member, trusted loved one, or professional health assistant with you in the first 72 hours. They can help with your daily care activities, prepare food, provide medication or take care of others in the house. Make sure that you have childcare support if needed to avoid lifting and other heavy care tasks in the immediate recovery period.

Use Medications as Directed

While pain after breast reduction surgery should be minimized as much as possible, it is still a surgical procedure. This means that some discomfort in the immediate recovery period may be expected. If your Long Island plastic surgeon provides you with prescription pain relief, take your medication as directed rather than trying to “hold out.” People who are in pain often experience slower recovery, so addressing your pain can help you to heal more quickly. If you are provided with antibiotics, take the course until it is completed for the best possible protection as you recover. You may wish to take an over-the-counter pain reliever instead of prescription pain relief; consult with your plastic surgeon about your medication choices for the best results.

Consume Water and Healthy Food

As you recover from breast reduction, make sure to drink plenty of water. Drinking water can clear the anesthesia from your system immediately after surgery and reduce discomfort and risks associated with recovery. It can reduce swelling and help you stay hydrated. Make sure to keep a glass of water with you at all times. In addition, it may be tempting to eat junk food after surgery or start a new diet to accompany your bodily changes. However, eating plenty of nutritious, healthy food is the best way to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs to recover.

Your surgeon will provide you with detailed instructions about exercise, physical activity, and other guidelines to keep in mind as you recover. To learn more about breast reduction surgery in Long Island and whether it may be the right choice for you, contact Cold Spring Plastic Surgery at 631-470-9650 or use our secure online form to request a consultation.

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