What Are Some Options for Breast Reconstruction?

Woman holding breast cancer ribbon

Breast reconstruction can be a vital part of your path to healing after a breast cancer diagnosis.  Many women choose to undergo breast reconstruction immediately after mastectomy to help maintain a positive body image and self-confidence.  The ability to view oneself as a whole can aid in the return to a new normal, yet fulfilling, life with a healthy outlook and future.   There are several options available for reconstructive breast surgery to help you on that path.

The surgeons at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery will work with your breast surgeon to plan your breast reconstruction so that we can achieve the best possible medical and aesthetic results for you. The overall intent for your breast reconstruction is to create a beautiful, naturally attractive, and balanced breast and nipple that closely resembles your natural breast in shape, size, and position. Your breast reconstruction procedure will combine artistry and medicine to achieve your goals for the look and feel of your breasts. 

Depending on your unique circumstances, there are several different types of breast reconstruction surgery that would be suitable without compromising your breast cancer treatment. These include:

  • Implant-based reconstruction
  • Tissue-based reconstruction:
    • Abdominal based flap reconstruction
    • Latissimus dorsi flap (+/- implant)

Several factors that are considered prior to breast reconstruction include your breast size, body shape, the need for future chemotherapy and radiation, your lifestyle, and your goals for your outcome. These will be discussed in detail with you by your Cold Spring Plastic Surgery plastic surgeon. Your surgeon will ensure that your breast reconstruction procedure is individualized in order to help you attain the personal aesthetic goals you have for your body and appearance. 
The Long Island plastic surgeons at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery will discuss your thoughts about breast reconstruction after mastectomy and your expectations. Call us today or use our online form to make an appointment at our convenient Huntington office located in Suffolk County on Long Island. We look forward to working with you to achieve your aesthetic and medical goals.

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