How Does Injectable Cellulite Treatment Affect Cellulite?

It used to be impossible to get rid of cellulite. However, the FDA just approved an injectable cellulite treatment called QWO. For decades, cellulite was considered untreatable. Most people have it on their buttocks and thighs. But they can’t get rid of it no matter how many drugstore creams they used.  The Only Injectable Cellulite […]

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  • Posted on: Dec 20 2022

Why is Hand Tendon Repair Necessary?

Hand tendon repair in New York is a kind of surgery that fixes damaged tendons. The most common causes of tendon damage are cuts to the hands from knives or glass. Do you need this type of surgery? Let’s find out here.  Why Do You Need Hand Tendon Repair in New York?  If one or […]

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  • Posted on: Dec 5 2022

How to Restore Collagen in the Face to Age Beautifully? 

Collagen is a structural protein abundant in the body and skin. Unfortunately, its production declines as you age. That’s why it contributes to the signs of aging causing fine lines, sagging, and loss of volume, among others. It’s no wonder many adults now look for collagen for face treatment to prevent those signs of aging […]

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  • Posted on: Nov 8 2022

What is a Mommy Makeover and Am I a Candidate?

Being able to carry a child during pregnancy can be one of the most rewarding experiences of motherhood. But the effects of pregnancy and childbirth can also change your body in many different ways. Many women struggle to try to regain their pre-pregnancy figures after having a child and if you have had multiple pregnancies, […]

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  • Posted on: Jul 31 2020