Botox for the Holidays

beautiful woman botox before and after

With the holidays fast approaching and the many gatherings you are expected to attend, we know you will want to look your best with the least amount of downtime. That’s why we recommend BOTOX® Cosmetic to eliminate those forehead furrows, deep wrinkles, and frown lines.

Botulinum toxin (botox)  is used to treat several medical problems, including excessive sweating, neck spasms, overactive bladder, migraines,  and chronic back and jaw pain. Soon it was quickly recognized for its cosmetic value in relieving lines and wrinkles on the face.  It does this by blocking nerve impulses that are sent to the targeted facial muscles, thereby weakening them to such an extent that the muscle is unable to contract.  Without muscle contraction, the skin directly above it no longer crinkles, temporarily eliminating moderate to severe furrows and lines. 

This is one reason that BOTOX Cosmetic is such a popular, non-surgical procedure for effective facial rejuvenation. BOTOX Cosmetic is the only FDA-approved procedure that can provide temporary relief for moderate to severe creases between the eyebrows and crows feet, or the lines around one’s eyes.  

With a very fine needle, the doctors at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery will inject BOTOX Cosmetic into the muscles that are causing those fine lines and furrows. Within days of your treatment, you will begin to see results that can last up to four months.

Receiving a BOTOX Cosmetic treatment should not prevent you from resuming your normal activities, though refraining from exercise for several hours after is recommended. 

Please join us for Botox Special Offers, Botox Treatment, and Skinmedica Product Discounts on Wednesday, November 20th. Come meet our Cold Spring Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons and staff to answer any questions and collect special Brilliant Distinctions rewards! You can RSVP by telephone at: 631-470-9650 or 212-472-2022 or by email.

The experienced Huntington, Long Island plastic surgeons at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery look forward to discussing BOTOX® Cosmetic and how non-surgical treatments can rejuvenate your facial appearance. Call our office or use our convenient online form to make an appointment at our Suffolk County location. We work with patients from across the United States and around the world, and we look forward to speaking with you about how we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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