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Facial Fat Grafting in New York

Fat Grafting and a Rejuvenated Look for You

Facial fat grafting is a type of procedure that has gained widespread popularity as a minimally invasive option for full-face rejuvenation. An alternative to temporary fillers, it is a more durable option to enhance one’s look. The procedure entails the retrieval of fat from different areas of the body, most commonly from the stomach, hips or flanks. Once this fat is harvested, it is processed so it can be smoothly injected into the face, using special syringes for precise placement where volume is needed.

When Should You Consider Undergoing Facial Fat Grafting?

Facial aging is multifactorial; however, we know that volume loss plays a major role. As we age, we lose the natural fat in our faces that contribute to a smooth, soft complexion.

This results in sagging skin and can make wrinkles caused by sun damage or smoking to appear even deeper. From the cheeks to the lips and even eyes, that loss of volume can be replaced using your body’s own fat from other areas. This treatment works and is suitable for both men and women. In general, it does not take a lot of fat to create that revitalized look; even “thin” patients can undergo this procedure and get a natural result. Good candidates are those in excellent health overall, who desire a more permanent solution to facial hollowing.

Healing After Facial Fat Grafting

Facial fat grafting is an outpatient procedure. Recovery may take up to 10 days, as most patients will typically observe bruising and swelling post-procedure. You can expect your final result to be apparent in about 3 months.

How Can Facial Fat Grafting Improve Your Appearance?

Facial fat grafting works well for many of the common concerns of facial aging: laugh lines (nasolabial folds), sunken in appearance to the eyes, temporal hollowing, and even fine lines around the mouth and chin. It can be used to smooth out the jawline, as well as to improve deep-set forehead lines. While many who undergo facelift get fat grafting done as an adjunct, this procedure can also be done on its own.

Facial Fat Grafting Benefits and Risks

In addition to providing much-needed volume to areas characterized by sagging skin and deep furrows, fat grafting has other benefits as well. Many report an overall improvement in skin tone and texture. It is thought that this may be due to the presence of stem cells that naturally reside in the fat, which promote regeneration of the skin.

Advantages of Facial Fat Grafting vs. Fillers:

  • reduced risk of an allergic reaction. In a small subset of patients, dermal fillers can cause immediate or delayed sensitivity reactions.
  • long-term result. Fillers are temporary, requiring re-injection every 6-12 months depending on the product used, and where it is placed

Downsides and Risks to Facial Fat Grafting:

  • may require general anesthesia
  • longer downtime than filler injection
  • Some fat will be reabsorbed by your body in the initial healing process

Build Confidence with Facial Fat Grafting

Being confident in your own skin is something that can be attainable to anyone. At Cold Spring Plastic Surgery we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our patients, creating a custom-tailored procedure that will not only enhance your innate beauty but restore your youthful appearance with a result that is naturally beautiful. Facial fat grafting is just one of the many options available to our patients that we can use to help you achieve this goal.

With offices in both New York City and Huntington, Long Island, our plastic surgeons are conveniently located and motivated to help you reach your goals and start feeling fabulous. Get in touch with warm and attentive staff members now to learn more about facial fat grafting and how it can help you achieve the best possible version of yourself.

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