Do You Need to Undergo a Surgery to Treat Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? 

Hand Fracture Surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition. But in some cases, the pain is bearable. However, if you can’t tolerate it, you may undergo a hand fracture surgery provided by Cold Spring Plastic Surgery. 

Why Do You Need Hand Fracture Surgery for Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? 

The only way to find out whether or not you need this procedure is to consult with a plastic surgeon. Typically, consultation is necessary. This will enable our cosmetic surgeons to evaluate your situation. During the consultation, our surgeons will perform a physical exam to know if the problem is indeed carpal tunnel or something else. 

In some cases, additional tests are necessary to understand the severity of the condition. Now, if surgery is needed, your next question will be how to cure it. 

Will Hand Surgery Cure It? 

Hand fracture surgery can be a reliable way to stop the compression in the nerve that’s been causing the pain. If you have a less severe case, you will feel relief after the procedure. You will also get a better sensation after the surgery. On the other hand, if your situation has been going on for a while, surgery will still be necessary. However, in this case, the goal is to stop the nerve injury from progressing. It means that your case may be permanent but it will not advance after the surgery has released the pressure. 

Will the Condition Recur After the Procedure? 

It is a rare occurrence. After surgical release, it will not recur. But there are small minor cases where patients need a second procedure to release the carpal tunnel for the second time. Again, this is a rare occurrence. 

Is This a Same-Day Procedure? 

Yes, it is a same-day procedure. That is, after undergoing this procedure, you will leave the recovery room and go home in a few hours. You can still perform your daily activities. But make sure that you are only doing light activities. It means that you can perform activities that won’t break a sweat. In that case, you should not be lifting anything heavy. You can lift a can of soda but nothing heavier than that. 

Your hand will be completely healed in about two weeks. During this point, the restrictions will be lifted. It means that you can do your normal activities. But you may want to refrain from doing the heavy lifting. 

What to do to Ensure It Won’t Come Back? 

Some injections may be helpful. However, they are not always successful. In that case, you will have to moderate your activities. And make sure to practice mindfulness. You also need to learn how to relax because stress is known to trigger a lot of medical conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Hand Fracture Surgery

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