Does Injectable Cellulite Treatment Really Work?

Injectable Cellulite Treatment

Developing cellulite is inevitable. It does not matter what size you are. The reason for this is that cellulite does not discriminate. It happens to most women. But can injectable cellulite treatment get rid of the dimpled skin? 

What is Injectable Cellulite Treatment

Injectable cellulite treatment promises to smooth dimpling on the bottoms. That’s why it is called shot for cellulite as it has become an effective way to treat cellulite. As many people have become comfortable with injectable treatments, more and more people are undergoing this procedure. It is the least invasive treatment that offers tangible results. 

How Does this Injectable Treat Cellulite? 

Before talking about the mechanism of this treatment, let us first talk about what cellulite is. Here are some of the details you need to know: 

  • Cellulite is not sagging skin. Rather, it causes dimpled skin around fat pockets. 
  • The dimples are caused by the tightening of the muscle fats. As a result, it makes the fat look like dimples or divots. 
  • Unfortunately, there is no permanent solution to this issue. 
  • Men do experience cellulite but not as often as women do. On the other hand, up to 90% of women experience cellulite, no matter what their weight is. 

Although there are no permanent solutions for treating cellulite, most cellulite treatment results last for three years. With injectable cellulite treatment, the cosmetic surgeon will inject it into the dimpled area. It may take up to 12 injections for one session. After injection, the treatment will target collagen to release the dimple. As a result, it makes the skin appear smoother. 

How Does Injectable Cellulite Treatment Compare to Other Treatments? 

Other treatments work by cutting septae. The injectable, on the other hand, loosen septae chemically. It is also less invasive. Thus, it has less downtime after treatment. When you do undergo this treatment, you should have realistic expectations. Although the result is not permanent, it can significantly reduce the cellulite appearance.  

How Long Does It Take for the Procedure to Finish? 

Each injection can take about 10 minutes. Here at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery, we offer Qwo injections that offer visible results in 10 weeks. Qwo is an enzyme that works under the skin to provide long-lasting cellulite reduction. After the 10th week, you will have to return to Cold Springs so that our cosmetic surgeon can assess your results. You may need additional treatments with Two injectables. Keep in mind that results may vary from one person to another. That’s why assessment is necessary after the procedure. Each patient’s skin is different. But this injectable for cellulite offers significant reduction and elimination.


Injectable Cellulite Treatment

Are You a Good Candidate for Injectable Cellulite Treatment? 

Anyone can receive this cellulite treatment. However, it is not for everyone. That’s why consultation is necessary before you choose this cellulite reduction. At Cold Spring Plastic Surgery, we provide our patients with various options that can reduce cellulite and dimpling appearance. You may schedule your consultation about injectable cellulite treatment here: (631) 470-9650.

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