How to Get Rid of the Dimpled or Lumpy Appearance on Your Skin?

Cellulite Treatment NYC

Cellulite is a cosmetic issue that commonly affects women after puberty. It makes the skin look lumpy or dimpled. Although it generally appears in the thigh, hip and buttocks, cellulite can appear anywhere as long as there’s subcutaneous fat. Thankfully, there are treatments available to get rid of it. One of these solutions is Qwo. It is a popular cellulite treatment in NYC that involves an injection to target cellulite. 

How Long Does Qwo Cellulite Treatment in NYC Last? 

Qwo works by breaking down the bands of connective tissue connecting the muscle to your skin to create a lumpy appearance. The results are long-lasting. You can expect the results to last for a year or longer. This is truly a revolutionary treatment for cellulite because there’s no other non-surgical option that is as effective as this treatment. 

How Does Qwo Work? 

It works by injecting enzymes into the affected area. They are delivered through three injection treatments. The goal of the injection is to break down the bands of tissues and release them. After that, the fat cells are redistributed. The enzymes also encouraged new collagen production causing a smoother, toned appearance. Every injection specifically targets the fibrous septae to stop the creation and appearance of cellulite. 

What is in Qwo?

This injectable treatment consists of collagenase Clostridium histolytic (CCH). It is an enzyme that breaks down types 1 and 3 collagen in tissues. The enzymes help the body in creating new skin. 

How Safe is It? 

It is generally safe. It is the only injectable treatment for cellulite that has been approved by the FDA. Hundreds of patients have been studied to find out how safe this treatment is. The only adverse reaction associated with this treatment is bruising. 

Is There Downtime Related to this Treatment? 

Bruising is expected after receiving this treatment. It can last for two weeks. You may also experience soreness but you can get rid of it by taking Tylenol or another OTC pain reliever. Although there’s swelling for the first few days, you can still go to the gym or carry out your active lifestyle after receiving this treatment. In that case, there’s really no downtime with this procedure. 

When to See Results? 

Qwo requires at least three injections. Thus, you will see improvements three weeks after the last injection. The improvement will continue. Some patients only need one treatment. If you are lucky, you may not need additional two injections to completely get rid of the cellulite. 

Cellulite Treatment NYC

Where to Obtain this Cellulite Treatment? 

Cold Spring Plastic Surgery offers Qwo cellulite treatment in NYC. But it’s not the only cosmetic option it provides. Browse our website to study the options available to improve your overall appearance and completely get rid of your cellulite. You may call our office today at (212) 472-2022 or you may use our online form to request a consultation.

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