Are You Ready for a Mommy Makeover?

For many women, pregnancy and breastfeeding can be some of the most important and rewarding times of their lives. However, those same joyous occasions that come with raising a child can also lead to significant changes in the appearance of a woman’s body, affecting her self-image and confidence. It can be a real challenge for mothers to restore their pre-pregnancy appearance despite working to lose weight and stay healthy; the physical changes associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding often cannot be reversed through diet or exercise. Mommy makeover procedures at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery can help Long Island women to rejuvenate their appearance after the changes that accompany pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

A mommy makeover combines several different plastic surgery procedures in a customized approach that targets different areas around the stomach and breasts. The procedures that may be included in a mommy makeover may include:

It is your choice about which procedures to pursue during a mommy makeover, and our board-certified Long Island plastic surgeons will recommend a customized plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. There are several things to keep in mind when determining that you are ready for your mommy makeover.

You have recovered from pregnancy and breastfeeding

Childbirth is a major medical event that puts significant stress on your body. The growth of your baby depletes your energy and nutritional reserves. Even if you quickly return to your pre-baby weight after pregnancy, it is important that you are healthy and prepared for surgery before you begin your mommy makeover. In addition, breastfeeding and the hormones associated with nursing cause further changes in your body.

In general, mothers are often advised to wait until their child is at least six months old or they have stopped breastfeeding for six months to begin their mommy makeover procedures. Your plastic surgeon at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery will provide detailed recommendations about when you can get started for the best possible results.

You have the support you need for recovery

To be ready for a mommy makeover, it is also important to have the support you need as you recover. Caring for children is a labor-intensive job that involves walking, running, and lifting, and you will need time to rest after your surgery. Family, friends, or your spouse or partner can provide the support you need to recover. You can expect your activities to be restricted for a few weeks, so help around the home is essential so that you can avoid bending over, lifting, or performing chores as you focus on healing for at least one to two weeks.

You have completed your family

A future pregnancy can reverse the results achieved through a mommy makeover, so these procedures are best performed after you have decided to complete your family and stop having further children. You can have a mommy makeover when your children are still young or when they are old enough to be more self-sufficient. These procedures can be completed at any age; it’s never too late to choose a mommy makeover.

You are happy with your weight and size

The closer you are to the weight you want to achieve, the better the results you will enjoy. A mommy makeover can accentuate the work that you do through diet and exercise, and keeping a stable weight after the procedure will help to ensure that your results continue to look and feel great.

If you feel ready for a mommy makeover, the board-certified Long Island plastic surgeons at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Use our secure online form or contact us at 631-470-9650 to request a consultation about a mommy makeover.

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