Is Hair Transplant Permanent? Does It Last Forever?

Hair Transplant Long Island

When you are seeking a remedy to hair loss, you might have learned about a hair transplant on Long Island. But how long does the effect last? You will be relieved to know that, in most cases, the results are long-lasting. However, it is not the case for everyone. Read more to find out how long a hair transplant treatment will last. 

Is Hair Transplant on Long Island Meant to Last Forever? 

It can last a lifetime, as it is designed to be permanent. It is rare for patients to undergo another hair transplant in the future. After the transplant, you should see your hair grow rapidly. During the early growth of your hair, though, you may experience hair loss. Your hair may fall out initially. However, it should regrow permanently. After a year of the procedure, you will see substantial hair growth. 

Does It Need Additional Treatment? 

Generally, this procedure offers permanent results. After the procedure, each follicle will generate hair and develop organically along with the surrounding hair. It also behaves the same way as the rest of the hair. You may experience pattern baldness in the future. However, it will be resolved when you undergo additional therapy. This will help transplant healthy hair into parts of the scalp with new hair loss. To prevent further hair loss, you need to follow proper care instructions to ensure that the transplanted hair will remain strong and healthy. 

Does Hair Need to Recover? 

After the hair follicles are transplanted into the areas where hair loss happens, that part of the scalp will need time to recover. For the first months after the surgery, part of your hair may come out. Transplanted hair follicles, on the other hand, will have a lifespan. 

Can You Use Your Blood to Stimulate Hair Growth? 

Yes, it is possible through platelet-rich plasma or PRP. It is a natural treatment that uses the restorative powers of the body in alleviating hair loss or hair thinning. Platelets promote collagen growth and other restorative substances. In this treatment, you will receive PRP through injections below the scalp’s skin. Once the injection is done, the plasma will start regenerating tissue and making your hair thicker, and fuller. 

What You Must Not Do After Transplant? 

This procedure is a delicate operation. As mentioned, you need to allow the skin to recover. That’s why you need to follow a post-hair transplant aftercare program. This is vital to further encourage the growth of new hair. It takes up to three months before new follicles take and start to grow new hair. At first, the new hair growth is rough. But it will soon grow back to your youthful head of hair. 

Hair Transplant Long Island

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