Can You Get Plastic Surgery on Private Parts?

Vagina Plastic Surgery
Vagina Plastic Surgery

Vagina plastic surgery involves reshaping your private part to change its size and shape. It is not a gender reassignment surgery. This procedure is not advisable for women under the age of 18. 

What to Consider Before Having a Vagina Plastic Surgery

This procedure can cause complications. Hence, you must choose the right surgeon to perform it. Make sure that the surgeon is registered and has a license to perform vaginal cosmetic surgery on Long Island. If you are not sure, you can ask the surgeon about his/her qualifications and experience. The surgeon must have years of experience performing this surgery. 

Do You Need Anesthetics? 

Anesthesia is necessary for this procedure. It can be a general or a local anesthetic. What you need depends on your surgeon’s assessment. The entire procedure of shortening or reshaping vaginal lips can take around 1 to 2 hours. Although you can go home the same day, you will need someone to drive you home. Keep in mind that you are sedated during the procedure. Thus, you may still feel groggy after the surgery. 

How Long Will the Recovery Take? 

It can take up to two weeks to recover. However, for the skin to completely heal, it can take two months. During your recovery time, you must keep the area clean to prevent infection from arising. You should also prevent anything that can rub the area. Thus, you should only wear loose underwear. Most of all, avoid sex for the duration of your recovery. Specific recommendations will be given to you during consultation. You may also need to see your surgeon after the procedure to ensure that you are recuperating well. 

What are the Possible Side Effects of this Procedure? 

Bruising, swelling, and soreness are expected. You will experience them for two weeks or so. During this time of healing, it will be uncomfortable to pee or sit. But you can take painkillers to help with the side effects. 

What are the Intended Results of this Procedure? 

One of the reasons women undergo this procedure is that they want to make their private parts prettier. But that’s not all this surgery can achieve. It will also make you feel more comfortable during sex. There will be more lubrication. It means that you will experience better orgasms. If you are suffering from urinary incontinence, this procedure may alleviate it so you will be free from embarrassment.


Vagina Plastic Surgery

Are You a Good Candidate for this Surgery? 

Not all women can undergo it. Your overall physical health will determine whether or not you’re an ideal candidate for this procedure. That’s why you need to undergo an examination so your plastic surgeon can decide the treatment plan that is appropriate for you. 
During your consultation, your doctor will talk to you about the risks and possible complications of vagina plastic surgery. You must understand them before you make a final decision. And if you are ready to undergo this procedure, then make sure to consult with our plastic surgeons at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery: (631) 470-9650.

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