How Long Does Breast Lift Take If It Includes Augmentation? 

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A plastic surgeon in NYC can perform a breast lift and augmentation in one procedure. It can be safely done. But the main question is how long will it take for two procedures to complete? Will it take more than two hours? Let’s find out here. 

Plastic Surgeon in NYC on the Time It Takes for Both Surgeries to Complete 

Breast lifts with augmentation can take up to 150 minutes to complete, according to Washington University Physicians. But it still depends on the patient. After the procedure, you can return to work after 7 to 14 days. But during the recovery time, you should avoid vigorous activities for at least three weeks. 

Is the Procedure Painful? 

One of the reasons many women hold back breast lifts with augmentation is the pain during the recovery period. Some women can’t endure a painful recovery even though the result is promising. If you worry about the pain, then you should know that our skilled surgeons here at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery will minimize it for any type of breast surgery. 

Even though there’s an incision involved in breast lift and augmentation, recovery is not as painful as you might think. With the help of an OTC pain medication, the discomfort will be manageable. Then again, how much pain you will feel will vary depending on your pain tolerance. You may have a higher tolerance. Thus, you can cope better even with discomfort. However, if your pain threshold is too low, then you are likely to experience a distressing recovery. 

After Surgery

Immediately after the procedure, you will experience pain as the effects of anesthesia wear off. You will be groggy from the anesthesia. But hours after the procedure, you will continue to experience moderate soreness. You may describe it as a feeling that someone is pulling your breast muscles. This is especially true if the procedure involves placing implants. 

Days after the surgery, the healing process will start. It means that there’s some inflammation around the treated area. Thus, you will feel the most discomfort. Most women feel tenderness and aching. But the discomfort goes away in a week or two. You can easily manage any pain using OTC medicines. 

The soreness will disappear weeks following surgery. You will feel pain within two to three weeks. But after a month, any soreness should be gone. If not, you may consult with our plastic surgeon. 

How Long to Recover? 

It is between six to eight weeks. The length of time will depend on your overall health and how quickly you heal. Your age will also contribute to your recovery period. Most women who undergo this procedure can return to their normal activities two months after the surgery. It means that they can start their normal exercise and initiate activities.

There’s No Need to Fear 

If you’re in the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon in NYC, you don’t have to worry about the discomfort associated with the procedure. Our plastic surgeons know how to minimize any pain during recovery. Contact us here for consultation: (212) 472-2022.

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