What Hand Injuries Require Surgery? 

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Hand injuries can be mildly irritating. However, some injuries require plastic surgery on Long Island. Whether your condition is mild or severe, the injury inhibits your ability to live your life fully. Reconstructive hand surgeons at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery can restore your hands so you can return to the life you enjoyed before your injury. 

When Do You Need Plastic Surgery on Long Island for Your Hand Surgery? 

As mentioned not all hand injuries require plastic surgery. However, if it is severe, you will need to undergo an operation that can restore your hand’s function or alleviate any pain. One of the most common hand injuries that need surgical intervention is carpal tunnel syndrome. If you have arthritis, reconstructive surgery may also be suggested by your plastic surgeon. 

How Do You Know If Your Hand Injuries Need Surgery? 

The most obvious reason you need plastic surgery is if the pain becomes unbearable. If it prevents you from using your hand, then plastic surgery may be needed. Your inability to use your hands is a sure sign that something is not right with your hand’s structure or functionality. But to ensure that plastic surgery is needed, make sure to talk to your doctor. He/she will refer you to a reputable plastic surgeon. 


Consulting with a physician is the most important step to determining whether or not you need surgery to treat your injury. Your doctor will tackle your injury. If your physician is not a plastic surgeon or he/she cannot perform the surgery, that’s the time he/she will refer you to a qualified doctor. 


Just because you were referred to your doctor, does not mean that you need surgery. Your hand surgeon will still perform a series of tests to determine the extent of your injury. X-ray is just one of the tests. You may also have to undergo strength and range of motion testing. 

Plastic Surgery Long Island

What are the Treatments Available? 

It depends on the type of hand injury you suffered. Your treatment will be customized according to your needs. For carpal tunnel syndrome, the treatment will improve the syndrome and relieve the pressure on the nerve. The goal of the surgery is to divide the ligament that compresses the nerve. It is typically known as carpal tunnel release. It involves an incision in the palm before opening the ligament. 

If you have been in an auto accident and sustained hand fractures, hand surgery may be necessary. When you can’t move a part of your hand or the affected hand swells or deforms, it can indicate a broken bone that requires surgery. If the hand fracture breaks through the skin, it requires surgery for the injury to completely heal. Soft tissue masses in the hand may also require hand surgery. To know what type of hand surgery you need, please contact our plastic surgery on Long Island office. Please dial this number to schedule a consultation: (631) 470-9650.

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