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Cellulite Removal

For many women in Long Island, cellulite, especially on the buttocks, is a significant concern that can affect confidence, self-image and body pride, and comfort. While cellulite is a naturally occurring phenomenon, many women want the look of smooth, taut skin. Because cellulite cannot be treated by diet or exercise, there have been few options to effectively treat or remove cellulite. Now, Qwo, the first FDA-approved injectable treatment to target cellulite, offers a new option for women who want to remove cellulite and feel confident in swimsuits, leggings, and other close-fitting garments. Qwo treatments at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery can help you to accomplish your aesthetic goals for your body, reducing the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks with this leading-edge treatment. Qwo is a minimally invasive, safe procedure with very little downtime that can leave skin toned and smooth, without the dimpling associated with cellulite.

What Is Cellulite?

Up to 90% of women in New York are affected by cellulite. The dimpled appearance of cellulite on the buttocks can occur regardless of weight or size. Deposits of fat under the skin appear lumpy and dimpled, and weight loss, diet and exercise do not remove cellulite even when body size changes.

Cellulite is a natural phenomenon, and there are various factors that can affect how each woman develops cellulite. These can include hormonal factors, genetics, areas of blood flow, and inflammation. The “dimpled” appearance associated with cellulite is caused by the hardening of the fibrous septae under the skin. These are made of collagen, and they contract and harden over time, pulling areas of the skin down to deeper levels of tissue. Topical treatments like creams or gels typically do little to reduce cellulite, as the changes involved take place below the outer level of the skin.

What Is Qwo?

Qwo is the first FDA-approved injectable treatment designed to address moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks. Delivered in a series of three injection treatments, Qwo is made of enzymes that can break down and release the fibrous septae that cause the appearance of cellulite. As a result, fat cells can be redistributed while new collagen is produced, leading to a smoother, toned appearance. During each injection at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery, the fibrous septae are specifically targeted so that the specialized enzymes inside Qwo can work to disrupt the creation and appearance of cellulite.

How Does Qwo Work?

While the exact mechanism that causes Qwo to work is not known, it is made up of enzymes called collagenases. Qwo, collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes, is a non-surgical treatment that has been shown in clinical trials to reduce moderate to severe cellulite. It works beneath the skin to break down the thickened areas of collagen in the fibrous septae. Qwo initiates a process of Enzymatic Subcision and Remodeling (ESR). This means that Qwo degrades the collagen molecules that cause cellulite. As a result, the fibrous septae pulling the skin down release, targeting the classic “dimpled” look of cellulite. New collagen is produced, leading to smoother, firmer skin. Each dimple is treated once as part of your Qwo treatment in Long Island.

What Results Can I Expect from Qwo Treatments?

Each Qwo injection takes only about 10 minutes. Because Qwo is an enzyme that works beneath the skin for long-lasting cellulite reduction, visible results can be achieved in around 10 weeks, although results may vary for each person. At Cold Spring Plastic Surgery, we will assess your results around one month after your third treatment with Qwo injectables. The results of Qwo are long-lasting, with results persisting for one to five years. While each patient’s skin and cellulite are different, Qwo offers persistent results and cellulite reduction or elimination. Qwo is primarily used to treat cellulite in the buttocks area.

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Is There Downtime After Qwo Cellulite Treatments?

Qwo is safe, effective, and FDA-approved. It causes minimal downtime and you can expect to return to your normal daily activities after your Qwo appointment at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery. The mild side effects of Qwo are typically bruising or sensitivity where the injection was administered. You should not receive Qwo injections if you are allergic to collagenase, the enzyme in Qwo that works to break down cellulite. For best results, avoid scheduling your Qwo treatments on the same day or the day before you plan to wear a swimsuit or another item that highlights the areas being treated. Avoid strenuous exercise, especially affecting the treated areas, for a few days after your treatment. These temporary side effects should fade quickly and will not affect the results achieved with Qwo injectables. After your Qwo treatment, your practitioner at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery will give you options to minimize tenderness and optimize your results

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