You’re an amazing Doctor!

When I was taken in under her care I was in the Emergency Room at LIJ Hospital. My cause for accident had been from a dog bite that I had suffered that day and it had bit my face. Within my description of my face, it had been actually very disturbing and essentially was the result of a hanging side lip to the bottom of my chin. Not only did Dr. Cipollone provide an amazing service catering to my plastics, the results of my face was amazing and it looks as if I never was bitten. I give her a lot of credit for doing what she does and the whole entire surgery I felt very calm and relaxed. Dr. Cipollone talks to you and allows you to walk with her through each step of her process and thus, I am very happy with the experience as a whole and also the turnout. Thank you very much Dr. Cipollone, you did amazing work!