How Does Injectable Cellulite Treatment Affect Cellulite?

Injectable Cellulite Treatment

It used to be impossible to get rid of cellulite. However, the FDA just approved an injectable cellulite treatment called QWO. For decades, cellulite was considered untreatable. Most people have it on their buttocks and thighs. But they can’t get rid of it no matter how many drugstore creams they used. 

The Only Injectable Cellulite Treatment Approved by the FDA

Cellulite is not a disease. Thus, it doesn’t need fixing. However, it’s also natural to find options to get rid of it. Most options available are aggressive. It means that they involve surgical intervention. In that case, they cause a painful experience. But QWO is different. The FDA approved it last year

Since it’s approved by the FDA, you might wonder whether or not it is effective. 

Is QWO Effective? 

Cellulite happens when these three things are present: fat cells, thick fibrous bands, and loose skin. The majority of women report they have cellulite somewhere on their bodies. QWO is an injectable enzyme that breaks down the fibrous bands, which contribute to cellulite. It’s an innovative treatment compared to other injectable options that target the vital aspect of cellulite. 

What makes QWO effective is that it breaks down the dimpling appearance. The dimpled appearance is the result of the fibrous septa found underneath the skin. The fibrous septa pull the skin resulting in the classic dumpling. 

How Different It is From Other Products? 

QWO isn’t the only cellulite treatment available on the market. There are plenty of them. However, QWO is said to be a better option for various reasons. 

  • Injectable. It means that it targets fibrous septa directly. 
  • Painless. Your plastic surgeon will use a tiny needle and inject it into the affected area. It is relatively painless. 
  • No Anesthesia is Required. Because this procedure is painless, there’s no need to use anesthesia. Thus, there’s no downtime involved. 
  • Quick treatment. One session will last up to 15 minutes. 

What to Expect from the Procedure? 

It’s not an aggressive treatment. The overall procedure takes up to 15 minutes to complete. But you may need three rounds of this treatment to achieve desired results. However, every case is different. You can see desired results after a year. Despite that, the results last longer. 

During injection, you may feel a pinch. After the treatment, expect to see bruising and swelling in the treated area. There might be an itching sensation. You may also experience soreness when you sit for longer periods. In that case, you need to give yourself a rest. When you have an injection, you should avoid hitting the beach a week after. It’s one reason winter is the best time to under this procedure.

Injectable Cellulite Treatment
Injectable Cellulite Treatment

Is It Worth It? 

Many of our patients feel it was worth it. You will feel the same when you undergo such a treatment. This is especially true if you have been insecure about your cellulite. For more information about injectable cellulite treatment and to book a consultation with our plastic surgeons, please contact us here: (212) 472-2022.

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