Why is Hand Tendon Repair Necessary?

Hand Tendon Repair in New York

Hand tendon repair in New York is a kind of surgery that fixes damaged tendons. The most common causes of tendon damage are cuts to the hands from knives or glass. Do you need this type of surgery? Let’s find out here. 

Why Do You Need Hand Tendon Repair in New York

If one or more tendons in your hand are ruptured, you will need this kind of surgery. This is necessary especially if you have lost normal hand movements. Damaged tendons won’t let you straighten your fingers. You can’t also bend one or more of your fingers if you damage your flexor tendons for some reason

What are the Common Causes of Hand Tendon Injuries? 

As mentioned, cutting your hand is one of the causes of injury to the tendons. If you participate in sports, you can overstretch your tendons causing damage to them. But it is more common if you are involved in contact sports, like rugby and football. You may also damage your tendons if you like rock climbing. 

Animal bites can also damage your tendons. However, human bites are more common. If you punch someone in the teeth, you may cut your hand in the process leading to hand tendon injury. 

Rheumatoid arthritis can also inflame your tendons. And if you jam your finger in a door, it can divide a tendon and you will need to repair it immediately. 

How Complicated is the Repair? 

Tendon repair is relatively straightforward. It involves an incision in your hand and sticking the tendons together. However, it still depends on the type of injury you are facing. If the repair involves flexor tendons, then the surgery can be quite complex. The reason for this is that these tendons are difficult to get to. They are also situated near vital nerves. 

If you need flexor tendon repair, it must be under general anesthesia and it is done in an operating theater by a plastic surgeon. 

How to Recover from the Surgery? 

It is a lengthy recovery. Your tendons during the healing process are still weak. The recovery can take up to three months, depending on the location of the injury. The outlook is good. After the repair, you will have a working finger again. That is, you can regain full movement. But if you have a flexor tendon injury, some of your fingers may not regain full movement. However, it is still better than not undergoing surgery. 

What are the Complications

There are complications associated with this surgery. Infection, for instance, may arise. Furthermore, repaired tendons may stick to your nearby tissues. These risks will be discussed during your consultation with your surgeon.

Hand Tendon Repair in New York

How to Improve Your Hand Health? 

If you suffer from a tendon injury, you should consider talking to one of our hand surgeons. Our New York plastic surgeons can provide you with the right procedure designed to bring back the functionality of your hand tendon. Give us a call today to find out more about how our hand tendon repair in New York can regain your full hand movement: (212) 472-2022.

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